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A narrative essay is an essay which tells a story. This means that every author who is writing a narrative essay has to share their experience or memories from their own life, or sometimes retell a story from the third party. In its completion, a narrative essay is a story-telling article with has its plot, culmination, and ending. In comparison to a descriptive essay, which is more of a “how to do” or “how does it look like” essay, a narrative essays also answers the question “how”, but it looks more like a complete story, not just a description of a particular experience.

A Major challenge faced by high school students are their essay assignments. Writing an essay, with blank ideas hovering around the mind, can be a drudgery. But here’s the keyword: Passion. Be driven by passion and anything starts to become interesting and intriguing. Narrative essays, are opted for students because you can score high marks in this kind without having to maintain the highest standard of English. Here is a step to step guide to write better narrative essays.

Before you begin writing your narrative essay, it helps to brainstorm ideas for where you want your narrative to go. Because you are able to invent the plot, you can write anything your imagination invents. As a result, you will want it to appear coherent and plausible. Many narrative writers use diagrams to begin. Start with the main idea (person, subject, object), and circle it. Then, write lines from the circle for descriptive words for that one main idea. Let each spoke continue outward farther and farther until you have a spider-looking diagram with many thoughts. You can pick any of those for your narrative and follow it.

Ultimately, you will have written a narrative (story) that reads more pleasurable than academically. Because of the nature of the narrative essays, you will usually be assigned to write one only in creative writing or literature seminars. Often in composition and freshman writing courses, people also are assigned narrative essays to write. If you are given this assignment, it is important to remember that a narrative essay is still an essay. It is not a novel excerpt or a novella. It is a self-contained essay with a theme (or thesis) still at the focus of the writing. And even though it is more creative than academic, grammar and syntax are still vital to the success of the essay.

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